Elevate Constructions specialises in all types of commercial and residential Formwork, Steefixing, Concrete productions. Our highly trained team will provide you with the highest quality, specifically catered toward your needs.

WAFFLE POD SLABS: These steel reinforced slabs are constructed above ground on top of level polystyrene pods. Waffle pod slabs are often used on sites with very reactive soil, and their construction process involves minimal earthworks, as no trenches are required. The benefits of waffle pod slabs include faster construction times and improved insulation.

BASEMENTS: Basements are a great way of providing extra space and storage to the home, without impeding on yard space. Basement construction can be achieved using a concrete wall; Elevate Constructions is ready to help with all your basement construction needs.

RAFT SLABS: We can build raft slabs for almost any purpose. Raft slabs are the simplest, most common form of slab production. Raft slabs are a steel reinforced concrete slab, with steel reinforced concrete beams forged into the soil for strength and stability. They are most commonly used for the construction of new houses and extensions.

MULTI-UNIT SITES: Elevate Constructions are experts where multi-unit development is concerned. These developments require more planning and attention to detail than many other residential construction sites, as there are more factors to be considered in local council approval.

CONCRETE FOOTINGS: The purpose of concrete footings is to transfer the structural load of the building to the soil. They are necessary to support the structure’s foundation and prevent settling. Elevate Constructions can construct concrete footings for the home, and for other projects like decks and retaining walls.

RETAINING WALLS: These concrete structures are usually built on sloping ground to hold back excess soil and prevent it from moving and eroding. Elevate Constructions can construct a retaining wall specific to your needs.

In the market for quality concrete work? Elevate Constructions are market leaders committed to customer satisfaction. Providing high-calibre products for commercial and residential needs alike, we’re the one stop shop for made-to-measure concrete slabs. Contact us today.

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